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titan CFS-200A Semi optimizing saw

he Titan CFS-200A is a heavy duty yet economically priced fault docker with the added benefit of automatic front and rear end trim and up to 10 preset lengths to an accuracy of +/- 1mm. A high feed rate of 150m/min makes this machine suitable for fault docking higher production products such as decking or T&G flooring.

Automatic Conveyor Model also available. (CFS-200AC)

Infeed & OUtfeed rollers

Designed with 5 infeed rollers and 2 outfeed rollers to ensure superior stability and high cutting accuracy when cutting long and heavy wood.

touch sceen

Touch screen and graphical interface for easy learning and operation


Number of ejectors and length of conveyor can be specified at the out feed accordingly to the cutting length of wood.



Saw motor:

10 HP

Feed motor:

3.5 KW

Saw spindle speed:

3500 RPM

Feed speed:

15-150 m/min

Circular saw diameter:

Ø 540 mm

Saw spindle diameter:

Ø 40 mm

Height of bed (H):

900 mm

Mini. cutting size:

300 x 30 x 10 mm

Max. cutting width thickness:

300 x 50 mm

Cutting accuracy (for material length up to 1m):

± 1 mm

Cutting accuracy (for material length up to 3m):

± 2 mm

Air pressure:

7-9 kg/cm2

Packing size: (L x W x H)

1300 x 1450 x 1460 mm

Net / Gross weight:

1250kgs / 1350 kgs

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